Mount Olive Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Dozen Hospitalized in Mount Olive Carbon Monoxide Incident Carbon monoxide strikes in the best neighborhoods, strikes indiscriminately to children, adults or even rescue workers. Even Good Samaritan passer byes who save the day may get poisoned is the levels are high enough. That is how a dozen people got hospitalized in the Mount Olive Carbon […]

TriBeCa Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sickens 32

A carbon monoxide leak in New York City sickened 32 people. The people who were in the building in the TriBeCa carbon monoxide poisoning made it out with minor injuries, according to the American Press. The poisoning occurred at the start of the workday Tuesday morning in a building three blocks from the World Trade […]

List of Generator Carbon Monoxide Events Gets Longer

Generator Carbon Monoxide Events Keep Happening The list of generator carbon monoxide events keeps getting longer. When we started listing keeping track of these events on June 5, 2017, there were four incidents in the previous five weeks. Since then the list of generator carbon monoxide events now has 9 entries. That means five more […]

Portable Generator Danger Even Outside

Even outside, portable generator danger is beyond imagination. Portable generator danger was greater than imagined in Olathe, Kansas where four were hospitalized Saturday June 17, 2017 with carbon monoxide poisoning. Since we started blogging on this topic, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t say to us that the solution to the portable generator […]

Generator Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Still Very Real Threat

Two young girls were poisoned by carbon monoxide in Cobb County, GA, rushed to the hospital after inhaling toxic fumes from a houseboat, according to WBSTV. The source of the poisoning was a generator powering the houseboat, possibly an older model. In 2005, marine generators were manufactured that reduced 99 percent of carbon monoxide emissions. […]

Low Carbon Monoxide Generators Are Feasible

Low Carbon Monoxide Generators are being made now In testimony before the U.S. ‘Consumer Products Safety Commission, the head of one of the United States leading portable generator manufacturers said that low carbon monoxide generators are not only necessary, but feasible. On March 8, 2017, Lee Sowell with TTi testified to the CPSC that the agencies […]

Portable Generator Comments Help to Define Controversy

Portable Generator Comments on Facebook Since we started posting on this issue this week, there have been a number of people on Facebook who have disagreed with our position that the generator manufacturers need to be held accountable for ignoring this foreseeable misuse of their product. For our story on the Chicago poisoning click here. […]

Two Rescued from Deadly Generator Fumes in Chicago

Deadly Generator Fumes Attack Chicago Again. Two more near fatalities from deadly generator fumes in Chicago. No, this is not Monday’s story all over again. This is a story that happened on Thursday June 8, 2017. According to the Chicago Sun Times, a man and his teenage son where saved from deadly levels of carbon […]

Detectors Make a Difference In Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

By Jennifer Ball In a near tragedy in Greenburgh, NY, part of Westchester County, detectors saved hundreds of children. In carbon monoxide poisonings, detectors make a difference. In the daycare, on Friday, May 26, hundreds of children were sent out into the rainy weather that morning after the carbon monoxide detectors went off in the […]

Portable Generator Carbon Monoxide Death Chicago

Portable Generator causes Carbon Monoxide Death in Chicago, with two others seriously injured on Saturday. Late last night I wrote a blog about a portable generator carbon monoxide death in Kingsport, Tennessee that happened three weeks ago. In my last thoughts in that blog, I predicted I would be writing about it today, then realized […]