Carbon Monoxide Attorney Is Key to Good Recovery

A carbon monoxide attorney is a must for a good recovery in a carbon monoxide lawsuit. The Brain Injury Law Group, S.C. is owned by Attorney Gordon Johnson, not only one of the nations leading brain injury advocates, but also an attorney who has represented more than 100 survivors of carbon monoxide poisoning. These pages are solely authored by Attorney Gordon Johnson and demonstrate the breadth and depth of his knowledge about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gordon Johnson has also testified in front the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission about carbon monoxide poisoning. Click here for his full testimony.


Gordon Johnson testified on carbon monoxide poisoning in front of the U.S. Consumer Products Liability Commission with respect to the dangers of portable generators. Attorney Johnson was the only personal injury attorney asked to participate in this public hearing for the new CPSC regulation on carbon monoxide emissions.

Attorney Johnson is counsel of record in several mass poisoning cases including the North Mac Middle School poisoning in 2014, the Prussing Elementary School poisoning in 2015, the Anchor Bank poisoning in 2013. In the last three years, Gordon Johnson has settled three carbon monoxide poisoning cases for more than $10 million including:

  • $20 Million – Texas Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Settlement, 2018, rental single family home. 
  • $13.7 Million – Michigan Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Settlement, 2019, rental single family home.
  • $13 Million – Wisconsin Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Settlement 2017, office building poisoning.

Disclaimer: While past recoveries do not predict future results, without a carbon monoxide lawyer who understands the unique medical and mechanical engineering issues in a carbon monoxide cases, the insurers and corporations could have a significant advantage over a plaintiff.

If your attorney doesn’t immediately ask you about the PPM and the COHb levels, then he likely lacks the background of an experienced carbon monoxide attorney. PPM refers to the amount of carbon monoxide in the ambient air. COHb level is the percentage of carbon monoxide in the blood.

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carbon monoxide attorney Gordon Johnson

Carbon monoxide attorney Gordon Johnson has been representing clients with brain damage since 1992 and has represented more than 100 carbon monoxide survivors. Attorney Johnson is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin Law School, cum laude. He is licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Wyoming and Utah.

Carbon Monoxide Lawyer Needs to Understand Chemistry and Brain Damage

When choosing an attorney for a carbon monoxide lawsuit, it is important that the lawyer not only understand brain injury, but understand the unique characteristics of the liability and causation facts in a carbon monoxide case. A carbon monoxide lawyer must understand the chemistry of carbon monoxide. Your lawyer must understand the principles of HVAC maintenance and negative pressure. A carbon monoxide lawyer must understand the proving causation, including the relationship between COHb levels and outcomes. Ask the lawyer you are considering in a carbon monoxide case to explain COHb half lives. If they hem and haw, they need to associate someone else or you should call a carbon monoxide attorney directly.

Carbon Monoxide Lawyer Needs to Understand Neuroimaging

Neuroimaging is an important element to proving causation in a carbon monoxide case. Does the lawyer you are considering understand the nature of the pathology that a state of the art MRI is likely to find in a carbon monoxide survivor? If the word hippocampus does not show up in that explanation, then you are not talking to a carbon monoxide attorney.

Carbon monoxide lawyer Gordon Johnson is a Past-Chair of the TBILG, a national group of more than 350 brain injury advocates. He has spoken at numerous brain injury seminars and is the author of some of the most read brain injury web pages on the internet, including and When Attorney Johnson talks about “recovery”, he isn’t talking about what a survivor recovers in litigation, but about getting better from a brain injury. – See more at:

Attorney Gordon Johnson has also taken leadership in other brain injury advocacy issues including being the first attorney to sue a youth football league for a CTE related suicide.  See

Gordon Johnson is licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Utah. He maintains offices in the Chicago area and in Wisconsin.

For more on Attorney Gordon Johnson, watch his video channel, TBI Voices.