A family in Eau Claire, Wis., was rescued from potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning Wednesday night, which came from a generator in their basement, according to WEAU-TV.–203517181.html?ref=181

The local fire department was called to a home on Reserve Street, where two children had already exited and were standing with their grandmother, WEAU reported.

The first responders had carbon monoxide meters that showed them there were high levels of the lethal gas present in the house, according to WEAU. The parents were inside the home, unresponsive. They were taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

The source of the carbon monoxide was a generator that the family had operating in its basement, WEAU said. The Eau Claire fire chief advised town residents that gas-powered generators need to be kept outside and far enough away from a residence that its fumes can’t be blown back into the building by any wind, WEAU reported.

The home did not have any carbon monoxide detectors, according to authorities.




Two people died of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning last Saturday afternoon in their condominium in the city of Milton, Wis., the Rock County Sheriff’s Department reported.

Joan Leith, 66, and James Folk, 68, were found by their relatives, a press release from the sheriff’s department said.

And seven other residents of the condo complex were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at the scene.

Authorities suspect that the two victims were killed by fatal fumes from their car, which was left running in its garage until the battery died. Police said they believed the car’s engine had been left running in the garage since Friday night.

The sheriff’s press release didn’t say whether the car was left with its engine on purposely, or by accident. Foul play isn’t suspected.

 The condo building was evacuated Saturday afternoon as the Milton Fire Department and Alliant Energy looked for a gas leak, But they found none.