Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam last week signed into a law a bill that mandates that all lease or rental recreational vehicles in the state have working carbon monoxide detectors, according to Clarksville Online.

The bill was prompted a horrendous accidental carbon-monoxide poisoning incident last year, when five people died in a  recreational vehicle while at a charity event in Clarksville, Tenn.

The survivors of several of the victims were at the ceremony last Wednesday where the governor signed the bill. That group included Christine and Ed Watson, who lost their daughter and son-in-law, according to Clarksville Online.

The new law mandates that lease and rental agreements now include a clause guaranteeing that the recreational vehicle has a working carbon monoxide detector. “Companies can be held liable for violating the requirement,” according to Clarksville Online.

Here’s a law that I’d like to see instituted in more states.

On Wednesday Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law that mandates that recreational vehicles that are rented out must have carbon monoxide detectors, WRIR-TV’s website reported.

That law represents a smart government response to a tragedy last year, when five people died of carbon monoxide poisoning at a biker charity event in the town of Clarksville, Tenn., according to

In that fatal  incident, there was a generator operating near a vent for the trailer where the five victims were sleeping.

The new Tennessee law says that all RV lease or rental contracts  have to include a statement guaranteeing that the vehicle has a working carbon monoxide detector.

It’s a great law, and other states should follow suit.