According to a new study by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first month of the year is the worst for carbon monoxide poisoning. At least two people die each day from carbon-monoxide poisoning in January—three times the fatality rate recorded in August and July.

Fatalities were highest among men and senior citizens: Men because they are engaged in more high-risk behaviors such as working with fuel-burning tools or appliances and seniors because they are likely to mistake the symptoms of CO poisoning (headaches, charcoal-burning device inside the home, basement or garage or outside the home near a window.

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Three Dead in Providence, Rhode Island

It seems every day, there is another story of a someone dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. Today the blame was a faulty boiler in Providence, Rhode Island. As too often is the case, carbon monoxide poisoning wasn’t the first concern – foul play was.

But improperly installing a boiler, as was the official explanation here, can have as bad of results as foul play. This is the time of year that you need to run your furnaces long and hard. Insist on proper safety checks and install a carbon monoxide detector, and make sure it is working properly.

Faulty boilers are one of the chief culprits in this deadly time of year.