A coroner confirmed Monday that a young Indiana couple found in their house on the Fourth of July died of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Associated Press.–Couple-Found-Dead

Mitchell Rider, 28, and Jamie Hooker, 28, were found by Rider’s father, who also discovered that there was a car left running in their garage, AP reported.

Elkhart County Coroner John White said that tests found that the victims had more than 80 percent carbon monoxide in their blood, when a mere 40 percent is toxic, according to AP.

Authorities are still investigating the deaths.


A 95-year-old Pennsylvania man was found dead, and his sister was rendered unconscious, due to carbon monoxide fumes from a car left running in their garage, according to KDKA.

The tragedy happened Saturday night in Baldwin, Pa., in a home that the elderly brother and sister shared.

The body of the victim, Jack Skerba, was discovered in the upstairs of the home, KDKA reported. An autopsy was set to be performed on his body Sunday,

The sister was hospitalized, but is expected to recover, KDKA said.