One man died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and a second was in critical condition, Sunday after an apparent leak of the deadly gas at an apartment complex in Colorado Springs, according to The Gazette.

The incident happened at the Peak Vista Apartments on Potter Drive, where local firefighters responding to a 911 call found two unconscious men, The Gazette reported. The rescuers were unable to revive one of the victims, who was declared dead at the scene. The second victim was brought to a local hospital and put in a hyperbaric chamber, according to The Gazette.

Firefighters came to the building, which has 12 apartments, after its carbon monoxide alarms were set off, The Gazette reported. The emergency workers found high levels of carbon monoxide in the building, but the source of the gas wasn’t known.

Colorado Springs Utilities and the firm that maintains the apartment’s furnace were both called to the scene to try to find the source of the deadly gas, according to The Gazette.


Five people suffered carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday at an apartment complex in DeLand, Fla., according to Central Florida News 13.

Local firefighters came to the scene at roughly 3 p.m. when a carbon monoxide alarm sounded at the Taylor Place Apartment on South Woodland Boulevard, News 13 reported. There were five people outside the complex, and they were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at the scene.

The carbon monoxide came from a gas cooking stove that apparently wasn’t vented properly, according to News 13.

Responders had a gas monitor, and determined that there were very high levels of carbon monoxide in one of the apartments. Firefighters promptly shut off the gas going to the apartment and ventilated the building, News 13 reported.