Spring is not the End of the Carbon Monoxide Season

As the weather improves, the impression might be that risk of Carbon monoxide exposure is lessening. While in terms of total numbers such might be the case, spring and summer do come with significant risk factors for CO poisoning. Seriously, the spring and summer risk factors are often the kind that carbon monoxide protectors are […]

Carbon Monoxide Delayed Effects

I have several times on this blog preached about the delayed effects of Carbon Monoxide Exposure, “Delayed Neurological Sequelae” or DNS, but a recent study confirms that an early study that cardiac or heart damage from carbon monoxide exposure can occur years down the road. Click here for more on DNS. While the study comes […]

Another Pennsylvania Carbon Monoxide Exposure

It is probably just the perception from what makes the national news, but Pennsylvania seems to be the hardest hit this winter for Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The latest story to make news on Carbon monoxide exposure takes place in Altoona, PA, where a family of 5 was treated for exposure. The family was exposed to […]

EDITORS NOTE: While the primary focus of this blog is carbon monoxide poisoning, all toxic exposures are relevant herein. The same type of issues that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, can cause immediate fire or explosion risk, as per these gas connectors recalled today. GSJ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMarch 4, 2008Release #08-205 Firm’s Recall Hotline: (800) […]

Carbon Monoxide Death Lost in Political Shuffle

As all eyes in the political spectrum turned to Ohio, and the plight of Youngstown is on every politician’s tongue, a man from nearby Vienna, Ohio quietly dies from carbon monoxide poisoning. In the wake of his death, paramedics put out a call for increased use of CO detectors. The victim in this case was […]

Carbon Monoxide and Boating?

It is winter, below zero here in Wisconsin this week, and I am warning about boating and carbon monoxide? As I joked to a friend who asked me about sailing – the water is a little hard right now. Still, the carbon monoxide story of the day is a Washington Supreme Court Decision where a […]

Winter Kills – Carbon Monoxide Claims Many More

This winter of 2008, there have been two well publicized mass shootings in my part time home state of Illinois, and many more mass killings from Carbon Monoxide. Even the election cycle news had to take a pause for the Northern Illinois tragedy. Nary a peep, except in the local media, about Carbon Monoxide’s rampages.The […]

Winter Heart Attack and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Winter Heart Attack – The Hidden Impact of Carbon Monoxide I have coined a term, “winter heart attack”, to describe what I believe to be a large number of carbon monoxide related cardiac arrests and heart attacks, that are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. It is likely that in many of these cases the true […]

Boilers and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The temperature is plummeting in the upper midwest, and the number of carbon monoxide poisoning cases is skyrocketing. This time it was Libertyville, IL. One man dead. The culprit, a malfunctioning hot water boiler for a car wash, in an enclosed space. That is a lethal combinations: a stressed boiler, a small room. No carbon […]

Two More Dead

Two more days, two more dead, and one in critical condition: The bodies of two Chickasaw, Alabama residents were removed from a home after apparently being poisoned by carbon monoxide. Click here for the breaking news.