Another Michigan Hotel Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

After some patrons of the hotel reported a lightheaded feeling, the employees and patrons numbering 60 were evacuated to avoid tragedy in another Michigan hotel carbon monoxide poisoning, according to Click on Detroit. Investigators determined that the pool heater was the culprit in this carbon monoxide poisoning. They also checked the elevator shaft for carbon […]

Kansas City Carbon Monoxide Kills Two

Tragedy struck in the Kansas City carbon monoxide poisoning that occurred last weekend, according to Two people in Kansas City, Kansas died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Walmart in the parking lot. They were found dead in the parking lot Sunday morning, and the police chief announced the cause of death on Twitter […]

Three Hospitalized In Chicago Condo Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Three workers were hospitalized after using a gas-powered pressure washer in this Chicago condo carbon monoxide poisoning, according to CBS Local. They were operating it in the parking garage, causing the entire condo to be evacuated. It is never a good idea to run a gas-powered engine indoors. The workers apparently thought that the open […]

East Harlem Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills Elderly Couple

A time meant for celebration, Easter Sunday, was a nightmare for the daughter of an elderly couple in East Harlem, New York. The elderly couple was found dead following the East Harlem carbon monoxide poisoning possibly due to a defective stove. The elderly man was found with his face in a pool of vomit. The […]

North Carolina Nursing Home Poisoning Left Eight Hospitalized

The North Carolina nursing home poisoning Tuesday evening sent eight people to the hospital and caused about 45 people to be treated on the scene and then released, according to McDowell News. The carbon monoxide poisoning took place at an assisted living home in McDowell County, North Carolina. The emergency personnel declared the scene a mass […]

Tulsa Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Make the News This Week

Two Tulsa carbon monoxide poisonings made the news in the past week. Tulsa, OK has seen at least a couple carbon monoxide poisonings recently in the past couple of months, according to local news sources. One of these was deadly. The deadly carbon monoxide poisoning in Tulsa, OK occurred last month, but the parents of […]

Surviving Victims Released From Hospital After the Niles Hotel CO Poisoning

As of Monday, eight children and one adult have been released from the hospital after the Niles hotel CO poisoning, according to this Michigan news source. The tragedy left a 13-year-old boy, Bryan Douglas Watts, dead. The other children affected were ages 12 to 14. When a hotel employee noticed the children by the pool, […]

Niles Carbon Monoxide Can Look Like Something Else

One of the issues with carbon monoxide is that it can look like other illnesses. In the Niles carbon monoxide poisoning, one person reported that they thought a child had drowned, according to the Huffington Post article. The Quality Inn in Niles, MI was the site of the carbon monoxide death in a child. The […]

Goal Has to Be Zero Carbon Monoxide Disability

Zero Carbon Monoxide Morbidity has to be Demanded No one seems to quite get that the zero carbon monoxide has to be the goal. I spent the day in a meeting in the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commissions hearing room, listening to a strategy aimed at stopping carbon monoxide emissions when they hit 400 ppm. […]

Rochester Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Struck Church

The Rochester carbon monoxide poisoning last Sunday caused eleven people to need medical attention, according to the Democrat & Chronicle. The levels were about 250 ppm in the Rochester, NY church. This is enough to cause people to be sick, and higher levels could have been fatal. One carbon monoxide poisoning this week in Bridgewater, […]