Need for Hyperbaric Oxygen in Reedsburg Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The levels in the Reedsburg carbon monoxide poisoning were extremely high. We wrote about this story in our blog Sunday. The levels of carbon monoxide in the Reedsburg, WI home were about 620 parts per million (ppm) in the second floor. The fire department found 240 ppm on the main floor of the home, and […]

High School Student’s Brain Injury Treatment Could Apply To CO Poisoning

A high school student developed a brain injury treatment that could potentially apply to carbon monoxide poisoning. One of the effects of CO poisoning is the brain damage caused by the lack of oxygen (anoxia) and the toxins released because of the CO (the neurotransmitter, glutamate). When a brain is injured, certain cells called astrocytes reduce […]

Pet Saves Couple from Reedsburg, WI Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Reedsburg, WI Carbon Monoxide Poisoning A couple in the Reedsburg, WI carbon monoxide poisoning were alerted to the problem by their family cat, Gracie. She was fussing and begging to enter the bedroom, unusual behavior for the Shanahan’s cat. When the man got up to check on the cat, he saw his wife’s stiff body […]

Idaho Police Concerned About Ford Explorer SUV Carbon Monoxide Leak

Ford Explorer SUV Carbon Monoxide Leak True For Teton County, Idaho A sheriff in East Idaho is worried about the Ford Explorer SUV carbon monoxide leak. The Ford vehicles are like regular Ford Explorers, but designed for law enforcement use. The sheriff of Teton County is concerned about the three 2016 Ford Police Interceptor SUVs […]

Two Carbon Monoxide Stories In The News Yesterday

At least two carbon monoxide stories appeared in the news yesterday, one in Mosinee, WI and the other in Atlanta, GA. This is two too many. It is becoming disheartening seeing all of the carbon monoxide poisoning that occurs and that could be prevented with simple actions. The stories may have different details, but they […]

Fire District Works to Raise Carbon Monoxide Detector Awareness in Plainfield, IL

Fire District Works to Raise Carbon Monoxide Detector Awareness in Plainfield, IL When a tragedy strikes, sometimes people will take action, as did the Plainfield Fire District raising carbon monoxide detector awareness after a poisoning. It has been four months since a woman and her daughter died in their Plainfield, IL home due to carbon […]

Manitowoc, WI Poisoning Sickened Several People

The Manitowoc, WI poisoning affected several people in the apartments and a restaurant in the building on Washington Street on October 31, 2016. The story was reported in the Herald Times Reporter. The first responders had a rescue squad set up on Washington Street, where sick, some unconscious people were being carried. This is almost […]

Bourbonnais CO Poisoning Sent At Least 48 to the Hospital

While no dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) levels have yet been identified in the Bourbonnais CO poisoning, several staff and students had elevated CO levels, according to a statement released by the Bourbonnais Elementary School District. The building was still evacuated as more students presented with headaches and nausea, according to the press release by the Bourbonnais […]

Bourbonnais Fire Dept. on LeVasseur Elementary School Carbon Monoxide

Fire Department Press Release on LeVasseur Elementary School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From: Jen Warmoth  Subject: 3/16/2017 – Press Release At 1:02 pm the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District responded to 601 W. Bethel (LeVasseur Elementary School) for an unknown odor in the building.  We responded with an engine and ambulance.  No readings of CO or readings of […]

Carbon Monoxide School Poisoning in Bourbonnais Noel LeVasseur Elementary School

School Poisoning in Bourbonnais Blamed on Carbon Monoxide By Attorney Gordon Johnson Carbon Monoxide strikes another school again in Illinois, this time it is a in school poisoning in Bourbonnais. Around 30 students and three adults were taken to hospitals on March 16, 2017 after a carbon monoxide exposure at Noel LeVasseur Elementary School in Bourbonnais. […]