Possible Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Wisconsin Leaves One Dead

One man was found dead in a cabin in Reeseville, WI late Monday, and one other man was found in serious condition, according to the Watertown Daily times. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call to check on the welfare of two men staying in a rural Reeseville cabin in Wisconsin. One of […]

Plainfield Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Leaves Two Dead

Two people and three pets were found dead in a Plainfield residence in a welfare check on the home, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The deaths were a result of a carbon monoxide poisoning, and five of the officers who responded were also overcome by the odorless, tasteless, colorless gas. The officers responded Monday […]

Manitowoc Woman Escapes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Thanks To Paper Carrier

For Amanda Denault, delivering papers Nov. 1st gave her a chill down her spine. She approached one of the homes on her paper route and heard an alarm going off inside the residence. She sincerely felt that something was wrong inside the home. She decided to call 911 at about 3:30 a.m., and her actions […]

Carbon Monoxide Law In Delaware May Take Effect After Four Deaths

Earlier this year, tragedy struck in a Delaware apartment complex. Four people and one dog were killed in the complex. The cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. In the wake of this tragic event, a task force is proposing carbon monoxide law in Delaware that was not there before. The law would mandate that […]

Carbon Monoxide Leak at a Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa

A carbon monoxide leak at the Ottumwa Indian Hills Community College campus in Ottumwa, Iowa led about 20 to 25 people to be sent to the hospital. This morning (Nov. 8th), people began complaining of feeling sick in the Bennett Student Services Building. The symptoms were reflective of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. They […]

Hobart, IN Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Reminds Us To Check Our CO Alarms

An apartment building in Hobart, IN filled with carbon monoxide, the colorless, tasteless, odorless toxic gas, last month. Inside the building, there were two adults and one especially vulnerable three-month-old baby. They called the Hobart Fire Department when they were seeing high levels of carbon monoxide on their detector. The fire department was able to […]

New Portable Generators Must Cut CO Emissions

In February 2016, a family of six died as a result of a portable generator, causing lethal levels of carbon monoxide almost immediately, according to MLive. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, people were using portable generators and subsequently experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning, one case even killing a young child. These are just a few […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen in the Manitowoc, WI Carbon Monoxide Incident

We have been blogging about the Manitowoc, WI carbon monoxide incident that was so severe it left three people unconscious and caused levels of more than 100 ppm at the entrance. The carbon monoxide poisoning affected both the cafe on the lower level and the apartments on the upper level. Red Cross was called in […]

Call for Follow-Up in Manitowoc, WI Carbon Monoxide Case

A Manitowoc, WI carbon monoxide case sent 17 people to the hospital, four of which were treated with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Each year, more than 400 people die from unintentional, non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics. More than 20,000 visit the emergency room for the same reason, and […]

Manitowoc, WI Carbon Monoxide Leak Sends 17 To Hospital

The Manitowoc, WI carbon monoxide leak sent 17 people to the hospital on Monday, according to the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter. Ten of the people were on the upper level in apartments above a business. The other seven were in Susie Kay’s Cafe on the first floor of the building block. Four of the victims […]