Portable Electric Generator Kills in Kingsport Tennessee

Portable electric generator kills one and three others poisoned in Kingsport, Tennessee. Carbon monoxide from another portable electric generator kills again. This time the tragedy was in Kingsport, Tennessee where Denver Strickler was killed. Three other people from his household were hospitalized after carbon monoxide fumes from a portable electric generator invaded their household. This repetitive tragedy […]

Fargo Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Causes 9-Year-Old to Go to Hospital

A Fargo carbon monoxide poisoning sent one 9-year-old girl to the hospital Monday morning. At least 10 other people fell ill from the carbon monoxide poisoning at a hotel pool in Fargo, North Dakota. The carbon monoxide levels reached 300 parts per million nearby the pool. Some of the carbon monoxide leaked into the hallways. […]

Pool Heater Carbon Monoxide at Fargo Hotel?

La Quinta Fargo – Pool Heater and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Again? Pool heater carbon monoxide at a hotel. How did this get to be such a routine event that is now a key search term? Winter used to be the time for carbon monoxide, to the point that the medical community generations ago labeled the […]

Teen Girl Died from Boat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When 16-year-old Raven Little-White died during an evening on a boat, the medical examiner assumed it was a drowning. However, the toxicology reports confirmed that it was boat carbon monoxide poisoning that she succumbed to, according to WTXL. She was sitting on the back of the boat when she slipped into the water. Another passenger […]

Police SUV Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Fourth Reported Case in Austin, TX

We have been covering the reports that police SUVs have problems with carbon monoxide emissions within the car. These police SUV carbon monoxide poisoning have only grown larger in number in the recent past. The Ford Explorer vehicle that is causing the problems is an extremely popular car in the United States and is a […]

Union Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sickens Five People

Five people were transported to the hospital following a Union carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday night. Union, NJ was the site of dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide in a home, according to TAPinto. Reports said that a female was unconscious in the home, and another person had undisclosed medical issues. Sadly, this tragic event also […]

Building Owner in Manitowoc Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Disputes Citations

The Manitowoc carbon monoxide poisoning that occurred in October of last year sent 17 people to the hospital. The Manitowoc, WI building affected was owned by Rep. Paul Tittl and holds The Manitowoc County Republican Party Headquarters, Susie Kay’s Cafe, and five apartments. Ten people in the apartments and seven people from the cafe were […]

Pennsylvania Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sickens Five

A Pennsylvania carbon monoxide poisoning sent three adults and two infants to the hospital, according to Standard Speaker. Firefighters were sent to a couple of homes that had elevated levels of carbon monoxide. One side of the duplex had levels at 140 ppm with levels at 106 ppm in the sleeping area. The other side […]

Plane Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Anchorage Alaska

A pilot, who died in Anchorage, Alaska, died because of a plane carbon monoxide poisoning. The floatplane that was involved in the crash had an extremely damaged and degraded muffler can assembly. The carbon monoxide death occurred last year, according to KFQD. Before he crashed the plane into a tree, the pilot made two 360 […]

The Push for Stricter Carbon Monoxide Laws

With carbon monoxide tragedies in the news lately, there has been a push from advocates for stricter carbon monoxide laws. It has been revealed that a group representing hotel management in Michigan was opposed to these stricter carbon monoxide laws. According to WWMT.com West Michigan, the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association (MLTA) opposed legislation that […]