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Boilers and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The temperature is plummeting in the upper midwest, and the number of carbon monoxide poisoning cases is skyrocketing. This time it was Libertyville, IL. One man dead. The culprit, a malfunctioning hot water boiler for a car wash, in an enclosed space. That is a lethal combinations: a stressed boiler, a small room. No carbon […]

Two More Dead

Two more days, two more dead, and one in critical condition: The bodies of two Chickasaw, Alabama residents were removed from a home after apparently being poisoned by carbon monoxide. Click here for the breaking news.

More Dead from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Three Dead in Providence, Rhode Island It seems every day, there is another story of a someone dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. Today the blame was a faulty boiler in Providence, Rhode Island. As too often is the case, carbon monoxide poisoning wasn’t the first concern – foul play was. http://www.projo.com/news/content/Death_Folo_01-09-08_458HQ0N_v27.287d59c.html But improperly installing a […]