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The Push for Stricter Carbon Monoxide Laws

With carbon monoxide tragedies in the news lately, there has been a push from advocates for stricter carbon monoxide laws. It has been revealed that a group representing hotel management in Michigan was opposed to these stricter carbon monoxide laws. According to WWMT.com West Michigan, the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association (MLTA) opposed legislation that […]

Another Michigan Hotel Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

After some patrons of the hotel reported a lightheaded feeling, the employees and patrons numbering 60 were evacuated to avoid tragedy in another Michigan hotel carbon monoxide poisoning, according to Click on Detroit. Investigators determined that the pool heater was the culprit in this carbon monoxide poisoning. They also checked the elevator shaft for carbon […]

Kansas City Carbon Monoxide Kills Two

Tragedy struck in the Kansas City carbon monoxide poisoning that occurred last weekend, according to KSN.com. Two people in Kansas City, Kansas died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Walmart in the parking lot. They were found dead in the parking lot Sunday morning, and the police chief announced the cause of death on Twitter […]