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Smart Detection Systems for Carbon Monoxide

Smart Detection Systems Warn of CO More Danger Smart detection systems enhance the likelihood that you will be alerted if  carbon monoxide poisoning is detected in your home by sending a warning to all of your connected devices. CO alarms don’t work unless they are heard by people. Smart detection systems increase the probability that someone hears the call.  […]

Why Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

FAQ on Carbon Monoxide Detectors Why do I need a carbon monoxide detector? Because it can save your life but it can’t do so if it isn’t fully functioning. By Rebecca Martin “A carbon monoxide detector–it can save your life.” This warning was reiterated by the Red Cross Home Fire Safety Expert for Colorado and […]

The Silent Killer that is CO

Carbon Monoxide can be a Silent Killer with No Warning With December stories of the silent killer that is carbon monoxide become commonplace because poisonings that aren’t detected can kill.  By Rebecca Martin Carbon monoxide toxicity is often referred to as a “silent killer” in winter news articles. However, “silent killers” are often diseases which […]

Frontier Airlines Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Frontier Flight 2074 Ends with Carbon Monoxide Exposure Frontier Airlines carbon monoxide event sickens at least six people on December 2 and is emblematic of ongoing airline issues with gas leaks. An airplane is an awful place to be if the atmosphere within is filled with carbon monoxide. This is appears to be second Frontier Airlines “fume” event […]

Fuel Poverty Equals Carbon Monoxide

Fuel Poverty Means Greater Risk of Unsafe Homes Fuel poverty equates to greater risk of exposure to cold, elements and carbon monoxide poisoning as access to good, affordable housing keeps dropping as homeless and slum conditions magnify. By Rebecca Martin December 15th marks the release of the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino’s new film “The Hand […]

Car Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Winter Worst Time for Car Carbon Monoxide Deaths Cars can be a significant culprit in Carbon Monoxide Deaths, particularly when people sleep in them for heat or to charge cell phones.   By Rebecca Martin This month carbon monoxide claimed the lives of three people in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Ruby Roberts, her daughter-in-law Ellay Mae […]

Lethal Carbon Monoxide Misconceptions

Carbon Monoxide Misconceptions are Dangerous Carbon monoxide misconceptions start with confusing CO2 for Carbon monoxide, but include failure to take the lethal threat of engine exhaust and alarms seriously. By Rebecca Martin One of the challenges facing society today is addressing the speed with which  misinformation and disinformation travels across social media platforms and online […]

School Carbon Monoxide Season is Here

School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Strikes Again School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning season is upon us, including the evacuation of the Warring Elementary School in Poughkeepsie for high levels of CO. By Rebecca Martin The arrival of cold weather inevitably brings us stories of carbon monoxide exposure. Furnaces and boilers are turned on for the first time months. […]

Preparing for Winter Heating Season

Carbon Monoxide Free Winter Heating Season Preparing for the winter heating season must include preventing carbon monoxide poisoning, which must start with carbon monoxide detectors and comprehensive furnace maintenance. By Rebecca Martin  October is a time to make last minute preparations for the approaching cold weather and this is especially true when it comes to […]

Comprehension Deficits after Brain Injury

Comprehension Deficits Are the Big Picture Stuff Newer research and better assessment is informing the connection between brain injury and comprehension deficits. By Rebecca Martin Today I would like to explore what we are learning about the comprehension deficits in those with mild brain injury. “I have read the same page 3 times and still […]