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Madison Apartment Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Following the Clues of Carbon Monoxide Exposure Too often important questions are never asked in identifying CO as in the Madison Apartment Carbon Monoxide Exposure. Carbon monoxide poisoning must be ruled out first. By Rebecca Martin Our blog last week about the Bahamian Sandals Resort preceded findings that carbon monoxide exposure had been the culprit […]

Vacation Deaths – Sandals Bahamas

Sandals Resort Vacation Deaths Still Mystery Vacation deaths continue to happen because hotels and resorts do not exercise due care with respect to carbon monoxide poisoning.  By Rebecca Martin The approaching summer is a time to make vacation plans for many Americans not vacation deaths, like what happened at the Sandals Resort in the Bahamas. […]

Warm Weather CO Risks – Part II

Warm Weather CO – Preparedness is Key Warm weather CO risks correlate to severe storms and portable electric generator use, which must be used outdoors and no closer than 20 feet to structures. Generators should never be used in garages. By Rebecca Martin Inevitably warm weather brings severe weather advisories. For Part One of this […]

Carbon Monoxide Risks in Warm Weather

Carbon Monoxide Risks Are Year Round Carbon monoxide risks do not disappear with summer, as fuel burning appliances can poison anytime of year, even outside. Detectors continue to be a must as with awareness of the presence of exhaust from power tools and vehicles. By Rebecca Martin Following the plethora of warnings over carbon monoxide […]

Lakeland Sleep Inn Carbon Monoxide

High Levels of Carbon Monoxide at Lakeland Sleep Inn The Lakeland Sleep Inn, Lakeland, Florida is one more case of CO happening again at a hotel where safety wasn’t a priority. By Rebecca Martin We are beginning to wonder if it is karma. We write a blog about some huge safety failing in the hotel […]

Carbon Monoxide Detector Legislation

Now is the Time for Effective Carbon Monoxide Detector Laws Carbon monoxide detector legislation is the only way to cut down on deaths and injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning, yet legislation still lags. By Rebecca Martin The carbon monoxide detector, developed in 1925, has been part of the safety technology scene for almost a century. […]

Cambridge Commons CO Poisoning

17 Hospitalized at UWM Dorm Cambridge Commons Bureaucratic stupidity and “rules don’t apply to us” thinking at the heart of the UWM Dorm Cambridge Commons carbon monoxide poisoning. By Attorney Gordon Johnson and Rebecca Martin In 2022, what landlord providing housing for 700 individuals doesn’t think they have a duty to install carbon monoxide detectors? Cambridge […]

Hotel Ethics and CO

Carbon Monoxide Poisonings the Result of Poor Hotel Ethics Hotel ethics should require prioritizing carbon monoxide prevention. Unfortunately, greed and ignorance are the practice. By Rebecca Martin Ethics are essentially standards for the behavior of humans based on well-founded principles. Initially when one hears the word ‘ethics” different people might have a different reaction to […]

Hotel Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Kentucky Carbon Monoxide Deaths: What Will it  Take? Carbon monoxide deaths and serious injuries keep occurring in hotels because the industry refuses to comply with standards and rules about carbon monoxide alarms. By Rebecca Martin Kentucky is one of the majority of states in the US who do not require carbon monoxide detectors in hotels […]