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Mount Olive Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Dozen Hospitalized in Mount Olive Carbon Monoxide Incident Carbon monoxide strikes in the best neighborhoods, strikes indiscriminately to children, adults or even rescue workers. Even Good Samaritan passer byes who save the day may get poisoned is the levels are high enough. That is how a dozen people got hospitalized in the Mount Olive Carbon […]

Portable Generator Danger Even Outside

Even outside, portable generator danger is beyond imagination. Portable generator danger was greater than imagined in Olathe, Kansas where four were hospitalized Saturday June 17, 2017 with carbon monoxide poisoning. Since we started blogging on this topic, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t say to us that the solution to the portable generator […]

Low Carbon Monoxide Generators Are Feasible

Low Carbon Monoxide Generators are being made now In testimony before the U.S. ‘Consumer Products Safety Commission, the head of one of the United States leading portable generator manufacturers said that low carbon monoxide generators are not only necessary, but feasible. On March 8, 2017, Lee Sowell with TTi testified to the CPSC that the agencies […]