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Preparing for Winter Heating Season

Carbon Monoxide Free Winter Heating Season Preparing for the winter heating season must include preventing carbon monoxide poisoning, which must start with carbon monoxide detectors and comprehensive furnace maintenance. By Rebecca Martin  October is a time to make last minute preparations for the approaching cold weather and this is especially true when it comes to […]

Comprehension Deficits after Brain Injury

Comprehension Deficits Are the Big Picture Stuff Newer research and better assessment is informing the connection between brain injury and comprehension deficits. By Rebecca Martin Today I would like to explore what we are learning about the comprehension deficits in those with mild brain injury. “I have read the same page 3 times and still […]

Slumlords Continue to Endanger Tenants

Landlords or Slumlords: Cities Fighting Back Slumlords take advantage of legal procedures for evictions while ignoring codes that require proper maintenance endangering tenants. Today we look at slumlords in several major cities to help illustrate where greater tenant advocacy is needed.  By Rebecca Martin New York Slumlords In the 2000’s,  gentrification pioneers and business partners, […]

Muddled Mess of Illegal Urban Apartments 

Illegal Urban Apartments Can be Deadly Illegal urban apartments are the products of greed, poor regulatory control and lack of awareness of problems that come from adapting marginal spaces for human occupancy. By Rebecca Martin There are many problems associated with illegal urban apartments in major U.S cities. From Los Angeles to Chicago to New […]

Chicago Apartment Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Apartment Carbon Monoxide Deaths strike Chicago’s South Side Two are left dead in an apartment carbon monoxide poisoning in the Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood with four others hospitalized. This Friday, September 10, in Chicago two women died and four others, including 3 children were hospitalized in an apartment carbon monoxide poisoning. The two deceased women […]

Illegal Basement Apartments – Landlord Greed

Greed the Reason for Illegal Basement Apartments The Landlord Greed of illegal basement apartments spelled death after Ida, in similar ways to CO cases. By Rebecca Martin The recent deaths of East coast residents from flooding due to Hurricane Ida, many of whom were tenants in basement apartments, have brought renewed scrutiny on illegal basement […]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning while Boating

Hidden Dangers Result in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning while Boating Carbon monoxide poisoning while boating results from design flaws in boat exhaust which are not clearly obvious to most boaters. By Rebecca Martin In recent years the speed of the propagation of half-truths has increased dramatically due to social media. The reason I am not referring […]

Loss of Smell Changes Life

Loss of Smell – Profound Sensory Loss Loss of Smell is a profound sensory loss that subtly can impact the joy of life, disrupt taste and leave a survivor with ongoing disability. By Rebecca Martin A recent article in the New York Times about “Super Taster”, Michele Crippa, and his battle to recover his sense […]

Covid Brain Dysfunction Must be Tackled

A Future Adapting to Covid Brain Dysfunction Covid brain dysfunction is a real challenge going forward as Covid can damage brain cells, as well as disrupt emotions and increase anxiety. By Rebecca Martin I would like to talk about the psychosocial and medical issues that can cause Covid brain dysfunction. Covid is such an acutely […]

Urban Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Urban Populations at Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide poisoning disproportionately impacts minorities and the poor because of the greed and nature of urban landlords. By Rebecca Martin Why are people in certain demographics more at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning? We have to look at the inherent risk factors in the lower income […]