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Public Preschool – There Should be no Debate

Biden Proposes Huge Increase in Public Preschool By Rebecca Martin Despite some inconsistent studies, public preschool funding is necessary for the long term development of our country. Public preschool is our most direct path to addressing, crime, poverty and inequality. Why address this issue on a public blog? Because cognitive and emotional health and recovery […]

Carbon Monoxide Hero Story

This story of a carbon monoxide hero tells how one person rescued four people from carbon monoxide poisoning death. By Rebecca Martin “Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.” ― Gerard Way Heroes are sometimes made in dire circumstances which require both a level head and bravery. They say the world knows little of […]

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab

Thoughts on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab must start with recognition that long term deficits could persist after a seemingly transient event. While excellent treatment options exist, treatment systems are not set up to get the survivor to the proper rehab professionals. By Rebecca Martin In previous blogs we have […]

Spring Cycling Hazards – Prevention Key

Protect Your Brain and Body from Spring Cycling Hazards Spring cycling hazards greatly increase the risk of brain and other injuries with roads conditions worse and motorists less aware. By Rebecca Martin It is that time of year when warmer days herald the emergence of cycling enthusiasts. I would venture to guess that this year […]

Suicide After Brain Injury

Major Concerns with Suicide After Brain Injury Suicide after brain injury is a serious concern as emotional centers may have suffered discrete physical damage causing depression and anxiety, but the added burden of dealing with disability and deficits can severely tax the injured mind. By Rebecca Martin Navigating our modern world is a difficult task […]

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Disasters

Understanding Fire Key to Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Disasters Avoiding carbon monoxide disasters from storms requires an understanding of the principles of fire: adequate oxygen is needed for the flame and exhaust gases must get outside. CO can be deadly before you smell fire. Another series of bad storms, another round of carbon monoxide deaths. Why […]