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CO Precautions for Gas Powered Tools

Gas Powered Tools Create Carbon Monoxide Risks The carbon monoxide risk of death and brain damage associated with portable electric generators is the same for other gas powered tools such as concrete saws, power washers and lawn mowers. By Rebecca Martin In the Spring many of us have projects that have been waiting for warmer […]

Identifying Carbon Monoxide in Ambient Air

Detectors Only way of Identifying Carbon Monoxide There is no reliable way of identifying carbon monoxide in indoor air other than to have fully functioning carbon monoxide alarms, as carbon monoxide symptoms are too easily confused with far serious health concerns. By Rebecca Martin In our previous blog, we talked about procedural deficiencies in the […]

Failures of Response to Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Carbon Monoxide Dangers Require Training and Detection Countless tragedies related to carbon monoxide dangers occur because of delayed recognition of CO, which puts both victims and first responders at risk.   By Rebecca Martin Carbon monoxide dangers exist anywhere there are fuel-burning devices such as furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, pool heaters and appliances. Yet uniform protocols […]

Parents Catalyst for Carbon Monoxide Reform

Carbon Monoxide Reform Comes from Families Impacted Carbon monoxide reform grows organically from the advocacy of the families that are left behind from the worst tragedies. By Rebecca Martin We often highlight the victims of incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning and the business, corporate and legislative entities connected to deficits in the regulations and codes. […]

Schools and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All Schools Must Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors Remarkably, not all schools are required to have carbon monoxide detectors, as mandates only follow tragedies. By Rebecca Martin The driving force behind proactive and preventative measures to guarantee carbon monoxide safety is not the causal relationship between the presence of fuel burning devices and the potential for […]

Fatal Evergreen State CO Poisoning

Death from the Tankless Water Heater – Evergreen State CO Poisoning Findings show severe neglect in causing fatal Evergreen State CO Poisoning, including outrageous ignorance of import of alarms. By Rebecca Martin The Evergreen State CO Poisoning should have stopped when alarms went off at the on-campus Modular Apartments on Evergreen State College’s campus in […]

Keyless Ignitions Deaths from Carbon Monoxide

Persisting Problem of Keyless Ignitions Deaths from Carbon Monoxide Keyless ignitions deaths from carbon monoxide continue to be a problem because manufacturers won’t take inexpensive steps to make safe. By Rebecca Martin Keyless ignitions are not a new idea in the history of American automobiles. The earliest cars featured electronic start buttons, with keys designed […]

Increased Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

Analysis Shows Increased Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Despite An Increase in Alarm Requirements, statistics show Increased Carbon Monoxide Poisonings, likely due to a combination of factors including Severe Weather and Deferred Maintenance. By Rebecca Martin There is no shortage of public warnings about the danger of carbon monoxide in news outlets across the country. Safety officials […]

Carbon Monoxide Hazards from Attached Garages

Attached Garages Create Many Carbon Monoxide Hazards There are many carbon monoxide hazards of having an attached garage, including leaving a car running, using lawn and power tools. Powerful suction forces will drive CO indoors. By Rebecca Martin One factor which does not always come to mind when considering the source of carbon monoxide poisonings […]

RV Safety Concerns – Propane Gas Leaks

Propane Leaks a Leading Part of RV Safety Concerns The growth of a nomadic lifestyle is creating has increased RV Safety Concerns including the risk of propane leaks and explosions. Special detectors are required. By Rebecca Martin A few years ago, some friends of mine gave up jobs and their dream home in the suburbs […]