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Preexisting Conditions Protections at Stake

Preexisting Conditions Protections- More than an Election Catch Phrase Finally in 2014, preexisting condition protections came into effect in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by prohibiting the insurance market from denial of coverage or benefits based on a patient’s previous health history. This move has been a major issue within the current administration and a […]

Carbon Monoxide Physiology Explained

Carbon Monoxide Physiology – In Words and Pictures To being our topic of carbon monoxide physiology, we must go back to Claude Bernard, a 17th century physiologist who first discovered the affinity of carbon monoxide for hemoglobin and the mechanics of the toxicology which results. With coal coming into the picture as a primary source […]

Carbon Monoxide in Children

Carbon Monoxide in Children Requires Expert Assessment This week I want to cover a difficult subject that has been interwoven into many of our blogs; the impact of carbon monoxide poisoning in children. Children and those with medically compromised health are at greater risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Children are specifically at greater risk due […]

Poor Training Equals Bad Hotel HVAC Maintenance

Hotel HVAC Maintenance Neglect is Systemic Neglect in hotel HVAC maintenance happens because of inadequate training, lack of maintenance standards and thinly capitalized ownership. Over the past couple of months, we have blogged about two main topics, carbon monoxide poisoning in boating and carbon monoxide poisoning in hotels. This week we want to revisit the […]

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide in Boating

How to Avoid the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide in Boating Last week we touched on the subject of the dangers of carbon monoxide in boating. Click here for that blog. Though we covered the dangers faced by the public and addressed issues the public needed to be aware of, can we realistically say that public […]

 Boating Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Watch Out

 Boating carbon monoxide poisoning Boating carbon monoxide poisoning is a big problem because high performance engine exhaust is not vented away from where people breathe. This week we will focus on a topic which has achieved the status of a fast-rising epidemic in regard to carbon monoxide; boating carbon monoxide poisoning. For many years the […]