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Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Disasters

Understanding Fire Key to Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Disasters Avoiding carbon monoxide disasters from storms requires an understanding of the principles of fire: adequate oxygen is needed for the flame and exhaust gases must get outside. CO can be deadly before you smell fire. Another series of bad storms, another round of carbon monoxide deaths. Why […]

Winter Storm Equals Carbon Monoxide Warning

Carbon Monoxide Warning is Implicit in Disaster Warnings Every storm warning should parenthetically contain the words: Carbon Monoxide Warning as well. When power is out the risk of CO exposure rise. By Rebecca Martin Everyone who faced the wave of winter and ice storm warnings the past few weeks probably remembers those words and the […]

Basal Ganglia Lesions after Carbon Monoxide

Basal Ganglia Lesions After CO – More than Movement Basal Ganglia Lesions after carbon monoxide poisoning cause more disability than disfunction related to movement. We have mentioned in several blogs that one of the long term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning can be basal ganglia lesions in the brain. We have also addressed many of the […]

Brain Damage in Teenagers

Brain Damage in Teenagers is Not Lessened because it is Hard to Distinguish Brain damage in teenagers is more complicated than in adults as adolescence creates unique challenges and vulnerabilities for long term problems. Many adults fail to appreciate the many unique challenges faced by teenagers. The teenage years are a time of huge social […]

Carbon Monoxide and Keyless Ignitions

Carbon Monoxide and Keyless Ignitions Carbon Monoxide and Keyless Ignitions are causally connected because the physical act of of pulling out the key is no longer required to stop the car engine. Thus people forget to turn off the car, especially in quiet cars like hybrids. We are in love with technology. From our phones […]

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Diagnostic Challenge

Inflammatory Breast Cancer–Any Change Could be Serious Inflammatory Breast Cancer is a deadly diagnostic challenge as it is harder to spot but no less lethal. A Personal Story by Rebecca Martin If you google Inflammatory Breast Cancer you will undoubtedly run across this information from the American Cancer Society. “Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is rare […]

Pets Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is Real

Pets Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is a Thing Pets carbon monoxide poisoning is an actual thing. Stories of dogs awakening their owners during a fire or gas leak make feel good news stories. However, many people believe that a dog can also detect carbon monoxide and thus act as an alarm system. But just as we […]

Negative Air Pressure Causes Carbon Monoxide

Negative Air Pressure Equals Carbon Monoxide Negative air pressure can cause carbon monoxide poisoning because it interrupts the flow of oxygen to a flame, causing incomplete combustion. A fire without enough oxygen creates CO, not the harmless CO2. Negative air pressure is a crucial component in understanding how carbon monoxide can accumulate.  In carbon monoxide news […]