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Improving Carbon Monoxide Diagnosis at Hotels

Carbon Monoxide Diagnosis Requires Epidemiological Thinking More must be done to improve carbon monoxide diagnosis at hotels and emergency rooms. CO Poisoning must always be considered when multiple people are getting sick contemporaneously. By Rebecca Martin The deaths of three tourists ostensibly due to carbon monoxide poisoning in a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas raised […]

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Must be In Hotels

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in the News Month after month, deaths and brain damage occur because hotels don’t put carbon monoxide detectors in all hotel rooms. By Rebecca Martin A headline in The Washington Post says it all: Sandals will add carbon monoxide detectors after 3 deaths in Bahamas, “after” being the operative word. Although information […]

Madison Apartment Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Following the Clues of Carbon Monoxide Exposure Too often important questions are never asked in identifying CO as in the Madison Apartment Carbon Monoxide Exposure. Carbon monoxide poisoning must be ruled out first. By Rebecca Martin Our blog last week about the Bahamian Sandals Resort preceded findings that carbon monoxide exposure had been the culprit […]

Vacation Deaths – Sandals Bahamas

Sandals Resort Vacation Deaths Still Mystery Vacation deaths continue to happen because hotels and resorts do not exercise due care with respect to carbon monoxide poisoning.  By Rebecca Martin The approaching summer is a time to make vacation plans for many Americans not vacation deaths, like what happened at the Sandals Resort in the Bahamas. […]

Warm Weather CO Risks – Part II

Warm Weather CO – Preparedness is Key Warm weather CO risks correlate to severe storms and portable electric generator use, which must be used outdoors and no closer than 20 feet to structures. Generators should never be used in garages. By Rebecca Martin Inevitably warm weather brings severe weather advisories. For Part One of this […]

Carbon Monoxide Risks in Warm Weather

Carbon Monoxide Risks Are Year Round Carbon monoxide risks do not disappear with summer, as fuel burning appliances can poison anytime of year, even outside. Detectors continue to be a must as with awareness of the presence of exhaust from power tools and vehicles. By Rebecca Martin Following the plethora of warnings over carbon monoxide […]