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Carbon Monoxide Misdiagnosis Still Too Common

Protocols for Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Misdiagnosis Carbon monoxide misdiagnosis must be addressed with emergency protocols developed that focus on environmental and epidemiological factors. By Rebecca Martin We have noted in previous blogs that it is widely agreed that educating first responders and emergency room staff to the protocols of assessing incoming patients for carbon monoxide […]

TheZone Camp Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

New York Boy’s Camp Carbon Monoxide Poisoning TheZone Camp carbon monoxide poisoning in New York is another preventable tragedy as little thought is given to the path of exhaust gases. By Rebecca Martin One might expect that summer incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning would be directly related to seasonal activities and a lack of preparedness […]

Private Infrastructure Repair Needed

Investment Needed to Make Private Infrastructure Repairs Private infrastructure repair must be as large of a priority as roads and bridges and that infrastructure includes boilers and furnaces. By Rebecca Martin As the tragedy and the scandal of Surfside keeps cascading like the storm surge of a hurricane, Americans are realizing that it is not […]

Comfort Inn Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Freeport Maine Comfort Inn Carbon Monoxide Poisoning The three hospitalized in the Freeport, Maine Comfort Inn Carbon Monoxide poisoning continues pattern of hotel chains neglect of guest safety. Despite hundreds of serious carbon monoxide poisonings, hotels still fail to do the basic things to prevent serious injuries and death. By Attorney Gordon Johnson This morning’s […]

PTSD and Survivor’s Guilt

Survivor’s Guilt a Lingering Problem after CO Poisoning Survivor’s Guilt and other Anxiety related symptoms interact with brain damage deficits to significantly complicate recovery after carbon monoxide poisoning. This blog is a followup to last weeks blog on brain damage and mood disorders. By Rebecca Martin When I think back over recounts of accidents over […]

Brain Damage Mood Disorders

Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar After Brain Damage Brain damage mood disorders are common after trauma, and include depression, anxiety and complex personality changes that hard to categorize and treat. Organic injury to the cells of the brain will change how the brain feels and acts. By Rebecca Martin It is a widely held belief that brain […]

Carbon Monoxide Aviation Disasters

Carbon Monoxide Aviation Disasters Kill Too Many Carbon monoxide aviation disasters are under diagnosed and often have deadly results, as confined spaces and high altitude increase lethality of carbon monoxide leaks. By Rebecca Martin In 2019, Argentine footballer, Emiliano Sala, had traveled back to Nantes in France to wish farewell to his former teammates after […]

Hurricanes and Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Carbon Monoxide Deaths Increase during Hurricane Season Hurricanes cause immediate death and destruction and indirect carbon monoxide deaths, from poorly planned efforts to restore power. By Rebecca Martin The Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1st and ends November 30th. Predictions from Dr. Phil Klotzbach of the Colorado State University, one of the most trusted […]

Carbon Monoxide Safety – Not in Texas

A Perfect Winter Storm Magnifies Lack of Carbon Monoxide Safety Texas winter storm was perfect storm to illustrate lack of concern about carbon monoxide safety. Predictable disaster meets no CO detector law. By Rebecca Martin There are currently three states which do not require carbon monoxide detectors; Missouri, Hawaii and Texas. In Texas, this oversight […]

Public Preschool – There Should be no Debate

Biden Proposes Huge Increase in Public Preschool By Rebecca Martin Despite some inconsistent studies, public preschool funding is necessary for the long term development of our country. Public preschool is our most direct path to addressing, crime, poverty and inequality. Why address this issue on a public blog? Because cognitive and emotional health and recovery […]