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Carbon Monoxide in the Aftermath of Hurricanes

Hurricane Aftermath Equals Carbon Monoxide Don’t let the aftermath of hurricanes be carbon monoxide poisoning and deaths. Too many storms lose more to generators than wind and water. By Rebecca Martin             The official start of the 2023 hurricane season begins June 1 according to the National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center, headquartered in […]

Carbon Monoxide Prevention – Progress?

Need Constant Reminders for Carbon Monoxide Prevention There is no one solution for carbon monoxide prevention. Stopping CO poisoning requires a large scale legislative, regulatory and standards changes requiring detectors in all indoor spaces and annual professional maintenance of all fuel burning appliances. By Rebecca Martin The prevalence of warnings about the potential sources of […]

Carbon Monoxide At Work

Carbon Monoxide At Work Results in Death and Brain Damage Carbon monoxide at work can result in death or brain damage because one doesn’t have to be asleep to be poisoned.   By Rebecca Martin             We emphasize over and over that carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in any place where people sleep but […]

Wausau Theater Carbon Monoxide Leak

Marcus Cedar Creek Theater Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Leak A theater carbon monoxide leak on Sunday resulted in the evacuation of a Marcus Theater in the Wausau, Wisconsin area. 683 PPM of carbon monoxide was found in the theater where the movie Scream Six was playing. By Rebecca Martin Reality resembled the horror film on the screen […]

Allen Benedict Court CO Poisoning, Part II

Columbia’s Allen Benedict Court Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Part II of the Allen Benedict Carbon monoxide poisoning series, we continue the saga of CO related deaths in Columbia South Carolina. By Rebecca Martin In the previous blog, we covered the history of the public housing project known as Allen Benedict Court, which was located in […]

Allen Benedict Court Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

South Carolina Public Housing Debacle – Allen Benedict Court Deaths Institutional and societal neglect turn historic Allen Benedict Court community into a carbon monoxide death zone.  By Rebecca Martin In 2018, James Chapman was one of over 400 residents at a government-run housing complex  in Columbia, South Carolina.  He is now thought to be the […]