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Increased Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

Analysis Shows Increased Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Despite An Increase in Alarm Requirements, statistics show Increased Carbon Monoxide Poisonings, likely due to a combination of factors including Severe Weather and Deferred Maintenance. By Rebecca Martin There is no shortage of public warnings about the danger of carbon monoxide in news outlets across the country. Safety officials […]

Carbon Monoxide Hazards from Attached Garages

Attached Garages Create Many Carbon Monoxide Hazards There are many carbon monoxide hazards of having an attached garage, including leaving a car running, using lawn and power tools. Powerful suction forces will drive CO indoors. By Rebecca Martin One factor which does not always come to mind when considering the source of carbon monoxide poisonings […]

RV Safety Concerns – Propane Gas Leaks

Propane Leaks a Leading Part of RV Safety Concerns The growth of a nomadic lifestyle is creating has increased RV Safety Concerns including the risk of propane leaks and explosions. Special detectors are required. By Rebecca Martin A few years ago, some friends of mine gave up jobs and their dream home in the suburbs […]

Carbon Monoxide Deaths at Airbnb’s

Carbon Monoxide Deaths at Airbnb’s and Vacation Rentals Preventable carbon monoxide deaths at Airbnb’s and other short term vacation rentals continue to happen because of lack of mandates for CO alarms. Carbon monoxide alarm must at a minimum be everywhere people sleep. By Rebecca Martin Vacation lodging, prior to 2008, encapsulated several options; from hotels, […]

Permanent Brain Damage Following Non-Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Non-Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Leaves Survivors in Distress Non-Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can leave survivors with brain damage and numerous neuropsychiatric symptoms that may last a lifetime. By Rebecca Martin More than 100,000 people in the United States visit the emergency room annually due to accidental exposure to carbon monoxide fumes. Most of these […]

Why does my furnace smell? Is it carbon monoxide?

Does a furnace smell indicate carbon monoxide?  Is a furnace smell an indication of carbon monoxide, or is a natural gas leak or some less alarming concern. Although CO is odorless, combustion smells are warnings of danger. Remember, your pet will smell these warnings first. By Rebecca Martin Carbon monoxide is described as an odorless, tasteless […]

How Long Do Furnaces Last?

Is this the Year to Replace Your Furnace? How long do furnaces last? Manufacturer and industry recommendations are as short as 18 years. All furnaces should be replaced before 25 years. By Rebecca Martin October arrives in many parts of the country with thoughts of when is the right time to turn on the furnace? […]

Carbon Monoxide Death – 100% Preventable

When Does Carbon Monoxide Death Become Criminal? By Rebecca Martin Charles Suire, 49, suffered a carbon monoxide death on November 28, 2022 in a third floor boiler room at the Victory Inn and Suites, 3750 Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Perhaps a 2019 YELP review predicted what would eventually be set in motion by […]