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Hickory Hollow Wayne Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Two Days of Wayne Carbon Monoxide Incidents Leave One Dead One dead, others injured in the Hickory Hollow Apartments – Wayne Carbon Monoxide incidents, on consecutive days in Wayne Michigan. How could this happen? Our law firm does nothing but carbon monoxide poisoning cases. We have handled carbon monoxide cases around the country and just had […]

Power Outages and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

I haven’t blogged about power outages and carbon monoxide poisoning in too long. It is winter here. The perceived risks comes from malfunctioning furnaces, not power outages and carbon monoxide. But I live in Wisconsin and Chicago. We get typical winter blizzards, not Atlantic Storms. I know that Atlantic storms mean carbon monoxide poisoning. Every […]

Winter Carbon Monoxide Season is Coming

Winter is Carbon Monoxide Season – Get Ready Winter has always been carbon monoxide season, so much so that a 1922 book coined the term “winter headache” for what was undoubtedly carbon monoxide poisoning. Martinet, Alfred, Clinical Diagnosis, Case Examination and the Analysis of Symptoms. One would think since we no longer heat with coal that […]