Two Tulsa carbon monoxide poisonings made the news in the past week. Tulsa, OK has seen at least a couple carbon monoxide poisonings recently in the past couple of months, according to local news sources. One of these was deadly.

The deadly carbon monoxide poisoning in Tulsa, OK occurred last month, but the parents of the boy found dead in the incident are being charged in connection with his death, according to KTUL. The story goes that the father left the car running in the garage with the boy, who was in a wheelchair, inside the house.

Tulsa Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

Never leave a car running in an attached garage. This is what happened in one of the Tulsa carbon monoxide poisonings that left one child dead.

The boy’s father proceeded to drink alcoholic beverages, at first admitting to one drink, and then admitting to more. The mother was out of town and unable to reach the family. The boy needed help getting in and out of the wheelchair on his own.

The sister went to check on the family, and found both the boy and the father unconscious. The father was injured and hospitalized but recovered. The boy was not so lucky and died at the young age of eight. The father is being charged with second degree murder and possession of methamphetamine, which they found in the car, and the mother is being charged with permitting child neglect. She reportedly knew about his history with drugs and abuse. The father also tried to lie about the drugs, saying they belonged to a friend and that he was in rehab, but they found the drugs in his system at the hospital.

Most commonly, we write about carbon monoxide poisonings that don’t involve murder charges on this website. This was such as horrific story that it had to be written about. Never leave a car running in an attached garage. Carbon monoxide can build up in your home and can be deadly.

Carbon monoxide would affect the eight year old more quickly than it would an adult male based on the size of the bodies. This poor child didn’t have a fighting chance up against the deadly gas carbon monoxide. We hope that justice is served in this case, even though it will not bring back the life of that eight-year-old boy.

The second carbon monoxide poisoning is one that we are more accustomed to hearing about in the news. It happened Friday in an apartment complex in Tulsa, OK. The cause of the carbon monoxide is not known at this time, according to KRMG, and needs to be further investigated. It’s possible that the owner of the building or people who were responsible for maintaining the building are partially at fault for this carbon monoxide poisoning.

The poisoning resulted in three people being hospitalized. The readings in the unit where the people were came out to be 138 ppm. At such levels, it is likely that the poisoning went on for many hours before being discovered. The people who were hospitalized might still face problems after the fact of the poisoning. Delayed neurological sequelae (DNS) involve neurological and behavioral symptoms that can persist in the days and weeks following the poisoning. The potential for brain damage is there in carbon monoxide poisonings as the brain is oxygen deprived and the carbon monoxide produces toxins that kill neurons.

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