Ford Explorer SUV Carbon Monoxide Leak True For Teton County, Idaho

A sheriff in East Idaho is worried about the Ford Explorer SUV carbon monoxide leak. The Ford vehicles are like regular Ford Explorers, but designed for law enforcement use. The sheriff of Teton County is concerned about the three 2016 Ford Police Interceptor SUVs that they own. The issue is that sometimes the exhaust can slip back into the vehicle causing a carbon monoxide hazard.

This has caused problems in the past, according to the East Idaho News. One police officer from Newport Beach even blacked out while driving with no other explanation besides carbon monoxide. It goes without saying that this is a very risky situation. It is extremely dangerous. Police are supposed to be the people that help keep the roads safe. They should have cars that operate on the roadways safely.

The sheriff was disappointed because the automaker was not doing anything to address his concerns about the Ford Explorer SUV carbon monoxide leak. This was not an isolated incident. Hundreds of drivers have complained about the exhaust leaking into the cabins of the vehicles. When this happens, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur and can be deadly, especially while driving a car. Not only is there a poisoning risk, but there’s also a crash risk if the person loses consciousness. The police officer mentioned earlier probably came within inches of his life. He actually crashed into a tree after blacking out behind the wheel of his Ford SUV.

Ford Explorer SUV Carbon Monoxide Leak

Police are supposed to keep the roads safe. They are putting themselves and others at risk with the issue of the Ford Explorer SUV carbon monoxide leak, where exhaust can slip back into the cabin.

Ford Explorer SUV Carbon Monoxide Leak, True For Other Counties As Well?

The concerns about the Ford Explorer SUV carbon monoxide leak for Teton County, Idaho were well documented in the East Idaho News. However, it is unlikely that this is the only county that is being affected. The police officer who blacked out behind the wheel was from Newport Beach. The article even documented many other counties in the East Idaho region that used the same Ford Police Interceptor SUVs. In fact, almost every law enforcement agency in East Idaho used multiples of that same car.

In 2016, Ford had sold 9,472 Police Interceptor sedans and 32,213 Police Interceptor SUVs, according to the Chicago Tribune. Ford currently builds its police vehicles in Chicago. That is quite a number of Ford SUVs that could have potential problems with carbon monoxide leaks. More than 30,000 police cars are putting the safety of the roads at risk.

The Automaker Did Not Act on the Ford Explorer SUV Carbon Monoxide Leak

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation into these vehicles, because they have received more than 400 complaints from individuals. The Teton County, Idaho Sheriff was disappointed that Ford did not notify the users of the vehicle about the problem with this popular vehicle for law enforcement. In a statement from Ford to USA Today, they said it “poses no safety risk.” This is hard to believe when a police officer has already blacked out behind the wheel and hit a tree.

Taking Precautions Against the Ford Explorer SUV Carbon Monoxide Leak

The Teton County Sheriff installed carbon monoxide alarms in the police vehicles to notify them when carbon monoxide has leaked into their vehicles. When the alarm sounds, they open windows to ventilate the car. This is not something that should be happening in police vehicles. Other police departments are hearing of the danger and following suit by putting carbon monoxide alarms in their vehicles. It’s a shame this has to be done at all.

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