Carbon monoxide poisoning kills 12 year old girl in Wintersville, OH Tuesday morning, according to an article in The State Journal.

The victim is Jada Mallory, whose mother, Cynthia Mallory, was taken to the hospital in serious condition, according to WTOV9 Fox also with carbon monoxide poisoning.

The State Journal article said that a car was left running in the garage with the garage door closed, found by the girl’s father at 10 am.

There appears to be no foul play or suicide was involved. It is possible that she started the car without remembering to open the garage door according to WTOV9 Fox.

The school was alarmed when Jada did not show up to school, according to The State Journal article. She had never missed a day of school in her life, it said.

The girl’s birthday was going to be the next day, Sheriff Fred Abdalla told The State Journal. She was a lovely child, he added.

Two dogs also died in the home, according to the State Journal.

Jada was a student at Harding Middle School.

“It’s a heartbreaking tragedy that occurred in this community,” Abdalla told WTOV9 Fox.

“Wintersville Fire Department had their fans trying to air it out. I guess the fumes were just overwhelming.”

Grief counselors will be available in the schools. The school issued a statement, saying, “The thoughts and prayers of the entire Steubenville City Schools Community go out to the Mallory family. Jada was a wonderful young girl and an excellent student who excelled in the fine arts. She will be greatly missed by the entire Steubenville City School family especially her friends and teachers.”

Update as of 5/18/16 with respect to the carbon monoxide poisoning kills 12 year old girl story of yesterday: We have yet to hear any news as to how the mother, Cindy Mallory is doing. We hope that she has been getting hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Her chances of a recovery from this poisoning are immensely better if she gets hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Next: Is the culprit in the Wintersville, OH carbon monoxide poisoning event a keyless ignition in a quiet or hybrid car?


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