Why don’t folks just buy carbon monoxide detectors?

An elderly couple in Overisel Township, Mich., was likely saved from death by carbon monoxide poisoning Wednesday by  carpet installers, according to the Holland Sentinel. The residents didn’t have a working carbon monoxide detector.


Four people — the two residents of the house and two workers — ended up being hospitalized in the incident, after being exposed to dangerous levels of the deadly gas.

The couple that lived in the home felt sick during the night, but had no idea why. So, the Holland Sentinel reported, the two elderly residents stayed in their bedroom Wednesday, still ill, when the carpet installers arrived and started working in another section of the house.

But by 10:45 a.m., some of the workers also started to feel sick. And before they got out of the house, they gathered up the two residents from their bedroom and took them outside, according to the Holland Sentinel, likely saving their lives.

Authorities said that the carbon monoxide came from a hot water heater in the home’s utility room.

And did I mention that the couple didn’t have a working carbon monoxide detector, according to the local newspaper?

The paper didn’t specify if the house had a carbon monoxide alarm, but its batteries were dead.




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