A Missouri mother did her family a good deed on Mother’s Day: She saved them from dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The incident happened in Florissant, Mo., when a mother woke up about 8 a.m. in her home on Stonehaven, according to Fox2Now. It’s unclear exactly how and why from the story, but the woman saw that her children and other occupants in the home were acting oddly.


In a smart, quick-thinking move, she opened up the windows in the residence and began evacuating people from inside.

According to Fox2Now, the mother and seven other people, aged one-year-old to teenagers, were outside and still conscious. But they were also lethargic, and all eight were sent to area hospitals.

So where did the carbon monoxide come from? Authorities told Fox2Now that the family was running an attic fan and a furnace at the same time while the home’s windows were closed. That created “a down drafting” of the lethal gas, filling the house with carbon monoxide.

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