A woman worried about the welfare of her husband and two sons when she didn’t hear from them may have saved their lives from carbon monoxide poisoning with a phone call, according to WSBT-TV.


The woman, who was in Illinois, grew concerned Sunday when she had not heard from her family in Keeler Township, Mich. The husband had complained to her Saturday night that his furnace wasn’t working right, WSBT reported.

When she didn’t hear from them Sunday, she called police about 5 p.m. in Michigan and asked them to check on her family. When deputies got to the house, the 11-year-old son was asleep in the living room, apparently suffering from carbon monoxide  poisoning. According to WSBT, the boy initially saw the officer at the door and then went back to lie down.

Police finally got the boy to open the door, and were told that the father did not want to come out to see them.

The father was semi-conscious in a bedroom, while the 13-year-old son came out of the bathroom, where he had been knocked out on the floor, WSBT reported.

Authorities called an ambulance and all three victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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