Dozens of patrons at an Ohio bowling alley were evacuated and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning Thursday, according to The Akron Beacon Journal.

Firefighters were called to Sto-Kent Family Entertainment, a bowling alley in Stow, Ohio, shortly before noon after a woman passed out there, the newspaper reported.

She was a member of the Stow Parks and Recreation senior bowling league, and was conscious by the time responders arrived at the scene. When firefighters tested for carbon monoxide, the level was 350 parts per million, compared to what would be a normal reading of 15 parts per millions, The Beacon Journal reported.

The potentially lethal gas had taken its toll. An area was set up outside the bowling area where 30 to 35 people were treated for exposure to the carbon monoxide, whose source wasn’t known.

Ambulances transported 27 people to local hospital, according to the newspaper.


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