Two housekeepers at a Chattanooga, Tenn., hotel had to be hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning Friday, according to WDEF-TV.

The incident happened at the Hixson Holiday Inn Express, where the housekeepers where in the basement when they began to feel flu-like symptoms, according to the TV station. The local fire department blamed the carbon monoxide leak on bad work done by someone who fixed a broken water heater.

A Chattanooga fire official said that the worker disconnected an exhaust pipe on the broken water heater, and then two working water heaters took in that exhaust and spewed it out into the hotel, WDEF reported.

The Holiday Inn Express doesn’t have carbon monoxide detectors, nor does it have to under state law. Effective Jan. 2, only new hotels or those undergoing renovation have to install the detectors, according to WDEF.

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