Five members of a Virginia family suffered carbon monoxide poisoning when a damaged furnace leaked the gas into their home Sunday, according to Two were hospitalized.

The incident happened in Henrico, Va. The county fire department was called to the scene after a report of a fall in a residence on Croydon Road, reported,

The fire department arrived to discover a woman, 34, laying in a tub and complaining that she had been feeling sick for some time. She also reported that the other four occupants of the house had been feeling ill, with headaches and weakness, according to

The fire personnel immediately suspected that was a carbon monoxide leak, and they tested and found that the CO level in the house was 190 parts per million, reported. That was way above the danger level of 10 parts per million.

The fire crew evacuated the home, also taking the women in the tub outside. said that all five family members had carbon monoxide in their blood. Two, including an 11-year-old boy, were taken to a local hospital.

Fire authorities traced the carbon monoxide leak to a damaged furnace, according to


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