After this weekend’s snow storm, the governor of Connecticut warned residents to be careful about unblocking vents on their houses and properly venting generators to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Too bad the governor of Massachusetts didn’t issue similar advisories.

Two people in that state,  including an 11-year-old boy, died of carbon monoxide when snow covered and blocked their cars’ exhaust pipes, according to AOL. And two other victims had to be hospitalized for CO poisoning.

Imagine the horror of a father in Boston’s Dorchester section when his son died this weekend, died after the dad put the boy in a running car to warm him up. The father and son had been shoveling snow together, but the kid got cold. The dad turned on his car and had the lad get in it, AOL reported.

But apparently a snow plow then came down the street and packed snow in the car’s tailpipe, stopping the lethal carbon monoxide from escaping. It instead backed up into the car, poisoning the boy.

AOL said that just a few hours later, a man was discovered dead in a car with its engine running in Mattapan. Once again, the vehicle’s tailpipe was blocked by snow.

And in the third incident, two children aged 5 and 8, were sent to the hospital Saturday night when their father put them in a running car  as he was busy shoveling snow in East Boston, according to AOL.

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