Here’s a life-saving tip from firefighters in Boynton Beach, Fla.: If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, don’t try to change its batteries. Get the hell out of your house and call 911.

Margaret Diana, 78, was discovered by her next-door neighbors two weeks ago in her Boynton Beach home, dead of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to WPBF.

When firefighters checkedDiana’s house, there was a carbon monoxide detector, with batteries next to it, on the kitchen table, WPBF reported.

One of the firefighters in Palm Beach County explained that it is commonplace to arrive at a home where there’s been some kind of carbon monoxide leak, “a close call,” and find a carbon monoxide detector with it batteries next to it, just taken out.

The bottom line is once a detector is in an alarm mode, people should not be fooling with its batteries and checking them. At risk of being overcome by the lethal gas’s fumes, people should hoof it out of their residence and call 911.

When that alarm goes off, danger is literally in the air.


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