A man in Dale, N.Y., was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday, while his wife remained in the hospital after being overcome by the lethal gas, which apparently came from a furnace, according to The Daily News.


The couple, Paul and Annette Kaczmarek, was found in their home around 6 a.m. when a relative came by to pick them up to go out for breakfast, said the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department.

The 72-year-old husband was found laying face-down on the floor of the kitchen, and a phone was near him, The Daily News reported. His wife, 74, was in a wheelchair near her husband.

Kaczmarek couldn’t be resuscitated by EMTs, and was pronounced dead at Wyoming County Community Hospital, according to The Daily News. Annette was transported to a hospital and remained there.

Authorities suspect that carbon monoxide flooded the house because of improper ventilation for a furnace that was three decades old. The Kaczmareks reportedly had a carbon monoxide detector, but its batteries were no good, The Daily News reported.


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