Chalk up another canine rescue of its owner from carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, it almost seems like dogs have become living detectors of the potentially lethal, ordorless gas.

In the latest case, Boston terrier Kayla warned her owner Christy Williamson about the looming danger, according to LifeWithDogs.TV.

Someone, apparently a neighbor, had left their car running in the garage right beneath Williamson’s condo in Germantown, Md. Williamson’s condo was inundated with the deadly gas when Kayla came into her room and woke her up,  LifeWithDogs.TV reported.

Williamson had already inhaled so much carbon monoxide that she had trouble walking, fell down several times and was nauseous. She called 911, but was so far gone that she had trouble answering simple question like what her address was, according to LifeWithDogs.TV.

EMTs arrived on the scene in the nick of time, as Williamson was told if it was five minutes later she would have been dead.

Needless to say, Williamson was calling her rescuer Kayla “my angel,” and said the dog likely saved the lives of other residents in her condo complex who would have died of carbon monoxide poisoning, LifeWithDogs.TV reported.

Nice going, Kayla.

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