Tiger is a life saver.

Rod and Michelle Ramsey are crediting their pet cat Tiger with alerting them to the fact that their home was filling up with lethal carbon monoxide, according to The Mansfield News Journal. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless.


The Ramseys live on a farm in Williamsport, Ohio, and last week they both were getting headaches. Both wanted to just go to sleep, until Tiger intervened.

The feline started making a lot of noise, and was demanding to be let outside, according to the local newspaper. Around this time, Michelle called her vet about Babes, one of the 19 cats the couple owns.

The veterinary assistant, in a brilliant move, realized what was happening to  the Ramseys when Michele described their symptoms, The News Journal reported. The assistant asked if they had turned their furnace on, and in fact they had, just the day before.

The assistant, figuring out that there a gas leak from the furnace, told the Ramseys to leave their house. They called the local fire department, who came to the scene. The Ramseys were whisked away by helicopter to the Ohio State University Medical Center, where they were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning and released.

Nice going, Tiger.

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