A Scottsdale, Ariz., rehabilitation facility remained closed Wednesday in the wake of almost 100 people being  evacuated following a carbon monoxide leak, according to The Arizona Republic.


Sixteen victims were actually taken to the hospital for treatment after the incident Tuesday morning, and they were all released by that night.

On Tuesday clients were taken out of the Scottsdale Treatment and Rehabilitation Services (STARS) center near Osborn and Miller roads after firefighters were called to the scene because someone smelled an odd odor.

The responders found high levels of carbon monoxide in the facility, with the gas leak coming from “an open pipe in an underground vault,” according to The Republic.

People were evacuated and sent to the Scottsdale Stadium, which is across from STARS, a facility for the rehabilitation of teens and adults with cognitive problems, The Republic reported.

On Tuesday firefighters had performed a temporary fix to stop the gas leak, but a permanent repair had to be completed  before the center can re-open.

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