A married couple was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning last Thursday in their apartment in a public housing complex in Portsmouth, Va., according to The Pilot.


The deaths of Leroy and Inez Stith, both 65, was perplexing because each unit in their Swanson Homes apartment complex has carbon monoxide detectors, the Portsmouth Redevelopment & Housing Authority told The Pilot. These detectors plug in, but also have a battery back-up. Why didn’t they work for the Stiths?

The husband and wife had apparently been getting high levels of carbon monoxide for at least a month, since they had been telling neighbors for around a month that they felt sick. In fact, The Pilot reported, the wife had been to see a doctors two days before her death.

Authorities evacuated the building that the victims lived in, and the gas company shut off the gas to it.


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