Seven people in Westtown, Pa., were taken to the hospital Saturday night after being exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide at a home, according to the Mainline Media News.

The incident happened at a house on Carroll Block Way. According to Goshen Fire Chief Grant Everhart, somebody had been using a gasoline-powered saw in the home’s basement. At least one person got sick, prompting the family to call in the EMTs. The rest of the family then also began to exhibit signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, Main Line Media News reported.

Then two EMTs as well as a police officer also began to feel ill from the carbon monoxide in the home.

In all, two EMTs, a police officer and four family members were taken to the hospital. One of them was airlifted to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.

Firefighters used fans to blow the potential lethal carbon monoxide gas out of the home, then checked the levels of the gas, according to Main Line Media News. So the family was free to return to its house once it got home from the hospital.



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