A Boston mother and her three sons, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, were hospitalized Monday morning, according to The Boston Globe.


The four victims, who live in the Hyde Park section, had to be transported from their home at Warren Avenue to Massachusetts General Hospital at roughly 8 a.m., The Globe reported.

Two of the victims of the potentially lethal gas were in serious condition, and the other two were stable. 

Firefighters came to the scene in response to a report about an unconscious person, TheBostonChannel.com reported.  The unconscious victim was a boy. He, two other boys and their mother were all taken to the hospital.


What’s perplexing about the incident is that the owner of the home, Jen Louisia, told TheBostonChannel.com that he had called 911 the day before after a carbon monoxide detector sounding off. Firefighters came to investigate, but they told Louisia not to worry about the alarm going off, that he just needed to change the battery.

Fire officials now suspect that a faulty boiler was the likely source of the carbon monoxide leak, but they don’t know why investigators hadn’t found high carbon monoxide levels in the house on Saturday.  

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