A Pennsylvania family got carbon monoxide poisoning last Thursday, the fifth such case in Allegheny County since the start of what local authorities call the heating season, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


On Thursday emergency personnel were called to a two-story duplex in Wilkinsburg, Pa., when there was a report that someone was suffering from abdominal pain. The EMTs found five children and two adults who were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, and the family was hospitalized.

Authorities investigating the incident discovered that “someone had improperly vented the furnace exhaust through a clothes dryer duct,” which raised the CO level in the duplex’s basement to 1,000 parts per million, a fatal level, the Tribune-Review reported.

In Allegheny County, the health department designates the heating season as Oct. 1 through May 31. Last year there were 33 incidents of accidental carbon monoxide during that period, according to the newspaper.

And from October 2009 to May 2010, there were three deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning among the 31 incidents reported, according to the Tribune-Review.   

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