In one of the larger incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning in recent months, a dozen guests at an Oklahoma inn were hospitalized in late July after taking in dangerous levels of the gas.

A damaged ventilation pipe, which led from a boiler to the roof, was blamed for the carbon monoxide leak at the Sooner Legends Inn and Suites in Norman, Okla., July 26.

A toddler at the hotel felt ill and was taken to a local hospital, where a smart nurse suspected that the 3-year-old had inhaled some type of noxious gas. So the Norman fire department was called to the inn, and firefighters evacuated the hotel when they found high levels of carbon monoxide at the scene.

In total 12 people were taken to the hospital. And they have that wise nurse to thank for figuring out that the toddler has been sickened by gas. 

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