A reporter for WINK-TV in Florida was almost killed by carbon monoxide poisoning last Friday when he was out on assignment, according to the website TVSpy. 

Nick Spinetto was out in the field, working in a live truck to finish up a story for the Fort Myers-Naples CBS affiliate’s early 4 p.m. newscast.

But he suddenly began to feel ill, disoriented and dizzy. Of course, those are classic symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Spinetto told TVSpy that his photographer, who was also feeling sick, suspected that carbon monoxide was the culprit.

The quick-thinking photographer told Spinetto to exit the truck, and the news reporter simply collapsed. The photographer called help, and Spinetto was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at a local hospital.

After getting treated with oxygen, he was released six hours later. Medics treated the photographer at the scene.

Spinetto is thanking the photographer for saving his life. The reporter didn’t suffer any brain damage, according to tests. But he is still feels ill so is he has been at home this week.

The station is investigating what caused the carbon monoxide leak in the truck.


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