It looks like authorities in Pennsylvania are taking a hard line with the owners of a grocery story that was using a generator indoors, emitting carbon monoxide fumes that killed two men in a second-floor apartment Friday.

Officials in the Delaware County Medical Examiner’s Office have ruled that the deaths of Ernesto Huerta, 57, and Stephen Butlers, 50, in Upper Darby were accidental. 

But police want to file some kind of criminal charges against whoever was responsible for setting up a generator to power freezers at the Smart International Grocery Store, which was below the apartment of the two deceased men. 

The generator, according to The Philadephia Inquirer, had a warning label that said “use of this generator indoors can kill you in minutes” and “generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide.” It looks like whoever set up that deadly generator either doesn’t know how to read, is incredibly stupid or is so greedy they would rather risk killing people than have their meats and frozen goods spoiled.

Meanwhile two innocent people are dead.

The grocery store’s electricity was cut off  Wednesday because it was behind in its bills. The store had coughed up the money it owed, but it takes a day or more for power to be turned back on again.

In the interim, one of the store’s employees leased the generator from Home Depot.     

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