Here is a potentially life-saving tip: Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors, as well as your smoke detectors, have batteries that are working. That might have averted this scary situation on Cape Cod.

Eleven people nearly died of carbon monoxide poisoning Friday night in an incident in Nantucket, Mass., according to several press reports.


The victims were taken from a home Saturday to Nantucket Cottage Hospital, in a mass carbon monoxide poisoning that authorities were blaming on a faulty heater.

Four were in such bad shape that they had to be airlifted by helicopter to Mass General Hospital.

 Rescuers took six people out from apartments in the home’s upper floors, while five others were found unconscious in a basement apartment.

The house did have carbon monoxide detectors, but their batteries weren’t working. A state fire marshal told the Associated Press that the victims were close to death when they were found. 

Four police officers and a firefighter were also hospitalized to be treated for their exposure to carbon monoxide at the scene.  


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