Carbon monoxide poisoning took the lives of two cousins, one who had been celebrating his birthday, and two pit bulls in South Milwaukee this weekend, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Authorities ruled the deaths of Juan Vasquez, who turned 29 on Saturday, and his cousin Noe Ramirez-Abriz, 28, as accidental. Their cousin had lent them his car to go to a dance in Milwaukee to celebrate Vasquez’s birthday.

The bodies of the two men were discovered in that vehicle by the wife of the cousin that the men both lived with, Sebastian Corona Ambriz. His wife Silvia Corona woke up 2 a.m. Sunday to take care of her baby, and she noticed that the home’s garage door was ajar and that the light was on. 

She went back to sleep, assuming that Vasquez and Ramirez-Abriz had returned from the dance and were inside the home.

But later Sunday morning when it was discoverd that the pair weren’t in the house, the wife went back to the garage and saw that its door was closed.

She found the two men’s bodies in the front seat of the car, with the family’s two pit bulls in the back seat, also dead.       


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