Four family members, one found semi-conscious,  were hospitalized in Neenah, Wis., Tuesday for carbon monoxide poisoning. One of the family’s cats was killed by the lethal gas.|topnews|text|APC-News

The victims were exposed to the potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas in their home in the 200 block of Grant Street. The four, whose identities weren’t immediately known, were transported to Theda Clark Medical Center.

Three of the group displayed symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, while a woman, 36, was found semi-conscious.

The home didn’t have a working carbon monoxide detector, although the family had bought one but hadn’t installed it yet, according to local authorities. 

That is in apparent violation of a Wisconsin law that took effect Feb. 1 and mandates that carbon monoxide detectors be installed in one- and two-family homes.

One of the family’s pet cats was killed due to carbon monoxide poisoning, while two other cats were taken to a Neenah veterinary hospital.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the high levels of carbon monoxide found in the home.

Carbon monoxide levels ranging from 800 to 2,000 parts per million were detected in the home by firefighters. Federal CO standards say that levels of up to 50 ppm are safe in the workplace.  


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