A Madison, Wis., woman was hospitalized and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning Thursday.


Firefighters and paramedics were called to an East Side Madison duplex, address 1027 Jana Lane, at roughly 11 a.m. A neighbor, an Madison Gas & Electric worker,  had detected high carbon monoxide levels. A carbon monoxide detector in one unit  went off, but it was apparently triggered by the high level of carbon monoxide in the nearby unit where the striken woman was found.

There were also other people who had carbon monoxide poisoning but they did not require hospitalization. 

Officials measured a carbon monoxide level of 350 parts per million in the duplex, when just 50 million parts per million starts to trigger the early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

MG&E was called to the scene and was looking for the cause of the high levels of the toxic gas, including checking the furnace. 


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