With Americans from Dallas to Milwaukee to Boston enduring record snowfalls, here’s a word to the wise: Clear out all the snow from your car tailpipe and from the vents of your home furnaces.  


There was recently a case in New York City where a mother left her two daughters in her car, which was running, while she dug the vehicle out of the snow in the Bronx. What this mother didn’t realize was that her vehicle’s tailpipe was clogged with snow, and both her daughters were overcome — and almost killed — by carbon monoxide poisoning as they sat in the car.


Similarly, a woman in St. Francis, Wis., recently became ill, getting nauseous and developing a bad headache, in her home. The woman, Dana Bukowski, realized what was wrong because she had seen a segment on a Milwaukee TV station, Fox6, about carbon monoxide building up when a  furnace’s vent pipe is clogged with snow.

Bukowski went out and checked her vent, and saw that she had to uncover the snow from its outside pipe.   


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