If  Wisconsin’s law mandating carbon monoxide detectors had taken effect Jan. 1, instead of Feb, 1, maybe an 88-year-old man and his dog would be alive today.

This week Stanley Neckuty of Auburn, Wis., was found in his home Monday by one of his family members. When police also found the body of Neckuty’s dog, they suspected carbon monoxide was the cause of the fatalities.  


Authorities  looked around the elderly man’s house, and in its basement found an old furnace that they believe was slowly leaking carbon monoxide, slowly poisoning Neckuty.

The tragedy of the elderly’s man’s death is that next Tuesday, Feb. 1, a Wisconsin law goes into effect that requires carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in each level of one-family and two-family homes, including their basements. If that law had been effective earlier, maybe Neckuty would hve put in the CO detectors and lived, along with his pet.

The Green Bay Gazette wrote an editorial urging Wisconsin residents to comply with the law and install the carbon monoxide detectors, to prevent deaths from this silent and odorless killer.   


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