Five teenagers were found dead in a Hialeah, Fla., motel, the apparent victims of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to several press reports.

One of the youths, Juchen Martial, had wanted to go to the motel,  the Hotel Presidente, Sunday to celebrate his 19th birthday. But the car the group had driven, a Kia Optima, had been left running in a bottom-floor garage at the motel. Carbon monoxide fumes traveled up an interior stairway to the room where Martial and his four friends were staying, killing them.

A maid found the bodies of all five teenagers at 2 p.m.,  all in their clothes and either on or around a bed.

The victims were Martial, whose 19th birthday was Sunday; Evans Charles, 19; Jonas Antenor, 18; Peterson Nazon, 17; and Jean Pierre Ferdinand, 16. The teens had bags of McDonald’s food in the room.

The Kia was still running when police and firefighters at the scene on Monday afternoon. 

The youths had borrowed the Kia from a friend, but then had trouble with the vehicle. They jumped the car to get it started, and decided to keep it running to charge its battery, according to the Miami Herald.   


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