There was a senseless double tragedy in Chicago this week, as two people were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning on separate days in the same home in the West Englewood neighborhood, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. 

The second death was caused because a faulty boiler wasn’t repaired after the first death.,CST-NWS-monoxide1126.article#

Both Edward Henderson, 52, and Lydia Watkins, 42, were found dead in Henderson’s home on South Bishop Street. Watkins died there and her body was discovered last Saturday, while Henderson was found dead several days later, on Wednesday morning. 

Also Wednesday, two other men at the home were sent to St. Bernard Hospital, with one declining treatment and the other being admitted.

According to the Sun-Times, after Watkins’ death Peoples Gas inspected the home and found the boiler wasn’t working properly. The utility company disconnected the faulty boiler and advised the family to call in a technician to fix the problem.

After Henderson died, Peoples Gas came back and found that the boiler had been reconnected without being fixed — hence the second carbon monoxide fatality.

I don’t know who was more foolish: The homeowners for reconnecting the boiler without fixing it, or Peoples Gas for failing to put a lock on the gas meter.       



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