A 25-year-old soldier and a woman died of carbon monoxide poisoning last Sunday at his duplex in Manhattan, Kan., according to the Army Times.


 Specialist Jamie Elliott of Columbia, Md., a solider at Fort Riley, and Lashawn Michael Veal, a 22-year-old civilian, were killed Sunday by the dangerous gas. 

Another soldier, Corporal Maria Hightower, 22, of Chicago was rescued from the duplex. She was alive but unresponsive, and remains hospitalized at the Stormont Vail Regional Health Center in Topeka, Kan.

The carbon monoxide that killed was emitted by a car that was left running in a garage attached to the duplex.

Elliott and Hightower were part of Company G, 299th Brigade Support. They moved to Kansas a year ago after spending a year in Iraq.  

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