This is why you need carbon monoxide detectors.

Five family members, one incapacitated by carbon monoxide poisoning, were rescued from their home in Sidney Township, Mich., Thursday by local sheriff’s officers.

Firefighters and paramedics arrived at the home and treated Blake Hollenbeck, 45, who was incapacitated by the fumes. He had been discovered by his daughter Mercedes, who woke up to find all her family members feeling ill. 

Hollenbeck’s wife and two other daughters — Shirley, Hailey and Hannah —  left the house without any assistance, but the ill family members were taken to Sheridan Hospital. The five received treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Hollenbecks are lucky they are alive. They told authorities that they had been suffering from flu-like symptoms for the past two days. It wasn’t the flu. Fire officials said carbon monoxide has escaped into the home from a leak in an exhaust pipe that had disconnected from a furnace. 

The Hollenbecks didn’t have any carbon monoxide detectors in their home. I hope they install some now.  

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