The carbon monoxide problems involving media baron Rupert Murdoch’s TV station in New York City, WNYW, are far from over, according to the New York Daily News.

On Tuesday a correspondent for WNYW, Antwan Lewis, and a photographer were sent to the hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after working in a remote truck. In recent weeks several WNYW employees have been taken ill while working in those trucks, which are heated with gas-fueled generators that emit carbon monoxide, a potentially fatal gas.

In the incident earlier this week, Lewis and the photographer were in a truck owned by WNYW’s sister station, WWOR, when its carbon monoxide alarm went off.  

Now the general manager of both TV stations, Lew Leone, told the News that he has brought in consultants to find a remedy to the carbon monoxide threat in the 14 trucks owned by WNYW and WWOR.

At first, WNYW had its trucks’ gas generators retrofitted with longer exhaust pipes, but now the truck generators will be replaced by new devices, which take three to four days to install.

Unions representing WNYW employees are on the case now, as well. They informed employees that the carbon monoxide problem is “dangerous” and needs to be addressed immediately. 

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