An emergency medical technician died of carbon monoxide poisoning and two of her co-workers were hospitalized last Friday in White Oak, a town in east Texas.

Co-workers found the three victims Friday morning during a shift change, according to the Associated Press. The carbon monoxide that felled them came from a generator that was left on in an ambulance.

The EMT who died, Casey Steenland, 33, of Diana, Texas, was in training. A married mother of four, she was pronounced dead at the scene at Champion EMS in White Oak, which is 115 miles from Dallas.

The victims who survived, EMT Daniel Gaona, 23, and paramedic Ron Masten, 43, were hospitalized but in good condition. They received treatment in a hyperbaric chamber.

The EMS building didn’t have carbon monoxide detectors because the building had all electric power, but Champion EMS installed carbon monoxide detectors in all 22 of its stations in East Texas on Friday, according to AP.

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