This isn’t the typical fatal carbon monoxide poisoning that I usually blog about, but I thought it was worth noting. Quan Quan, the fertile Chinese zoo panda who gave birth to seven cubs, has died after inhaling a deadly mix of carbon monoxide and chlorine fumes.

I guess this sad accidental death is a reminder that animals, both those we find in the zoo as well as our pets, are as vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning as we are.

Pandas, an endangered species, are not only beloved for their unique appearance. They are considered a national symbol in China. So it’s no surprise that the Chinese are taking Quan Quan’s death very seriously, and have arrested a man in connection with the panda’s accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Quan Quan, 21 in human years and 70 in panda years, was taken to a hospital Thursday after being poisoned by the carbon monoxide and chlorine at the Jinan Zoo in the Shandong Province. But she died after three hours of emergency treatment, according to AOL News.

The man charged in Quan Quan’s death had workers disinfecting an old air raid shelter he was going to use to grow mushrooms, AOL quoted the state news agency Xinhua as saying.

The toxic gas they were using to disinfect the shelter came through an air pipe that was installed to cool off the pandas. 

Quan Quan is the second panda to die at at the zoo during the past few years.


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