No matter how many stories appear in newspapers on the topic, people obviously still don’t seem to understand the danger of using gas-fueled generators indoors to heat their home. Or maybe they’re so cold, they don’t care and put on the generators.

In the latest lethal accident, three men in their prime were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in Hyattsville, Md., this past weekend, according to The Washington Post.

The victims of the lethal gas found in their home Sunday morning  were Henry Gonzalez, 18, his brother Edward Gonzalez, 20, and their friend Elon Jones. The three men reportedly had bought the generator that caused their deaths on Saturday.

As is the case with  many victims killed by carbon monoxide from from gas generators, the local electric company had shut off the electricity on Thursday because of unpaid bills. I wish that utility companies would have a little more leeway befor they cut people’s power off. 

In the case in Hyattsville, the home on 38th Street had been foreclosed on, and the three men had plans to move to an apartment the end of the month. If the utility company had given them a grace period, and not shut off the power, these young men might still be alive.

Firefighters found carbon monixide levels of 200 to 300 parts per million in the Hyattsville home, much higher the 35 parts per million level that is thought to be safe.    

Even when people try to be safe using gas generators, there are dangers. On Monday 10 people, five children and five adults, living in a home in Indianapolis were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.,0,308434.story

The home had a gas-fueled generator that had a hose to vent the lethal carbon monoxide fumes. But that hose had come off, so carbon monoxide escape into the home. Luckily, one of the people in the house woke up feeling sick and woke everyone else up.    




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